Senior Leadership Group Training

Our mission at Charles McArthur Coaching & Consulting is to accelerate the development of leaders and leadership groups within hotels and resorts. To challenge conventional thinking about how we teach and develop leadership. Our unique approach teaches managers the long term benefits of greater self-awareness, feedback and clarity about what is most important. With greater accountability teams will naturally align and engage towards a common goal through innovation, cooperation and measured improvement.

Senior Leadership Group Training

By and large, a lot of things changed during the second decade of this century. Making the need for Leadership team training a necessity, rather than luxury. Lead-in-times grew even shorter meaning the industry had to be more responsive. Responsive to produce complex proposals at short notice, more responsive to shift rates appropriate to the daily market conditions, more responsive with recruitment and more responsive to guests staying in house.

Competition continued to increase, so hotels and resorts needed to refine their identity in order to attract their slice of the market. Social Media exploded and the abundance of different platforms meant being on Facebook wasn’t enough for hotels. There was a need for an effective marketing strategy and processes to publish valuable content to Google, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Review platforms evolved into their own beast, so the responsibility for responding to reviews had to be shared out to stay on top of it. Expedia, and Google now owned their own loyal clients so properties needed to stay engaged with their guests from OTA’s by responding through channels besides Trip Advisor. Social Media became everybody’s responsibility, not just “the girl in marketing.”

The need for productivity continued to be pushed up with an even more calculated approach.

Managers needed to focus even more attention on manning. The valuable resource of available hours needed to be allocated to the spikes in business and drawn away from periods of lull. “Casualisation” became a word as more people were moved from full time to part-time and casual positions. Managers were pulled from their offices and onto the floors to support their staff out of necessity more regularly.

With decisions on purchasing taking a new turn as the industry started to compromise certain standards around quality to keep the costs within the set boundaries. The word Redundancy was thrown around more, as confidence in the future took a hit. Technology improvement continued and the ability to be functional on 20+ computer platforms became even more important.

In many cases, the function of HR was simplified by either a centralised body (providing a frame work of work flow) to progress candidates applications straight into the company system or as a compromise, a duplex role for the HR Managers looking after 2 properties. The level of support from HR diminished as their own productivity was also pushed up. As a result, the modern day hospitality manager is doing more and more of recruitment and on-boarding than in years prior. Orientation days became less frequent as more responsibility was pushed back to managers to bring their own people up to speed whilst on the job. Orientation of new staff fell into the hands of co-workers where inconsistencies came in with mixed messaging.

The culmination of change brings suffering as a consequence

This culmination of changes and new areas of focus meant other areas suffered as a consequence. Managers didn’t know their staff as well as they did 10 years earlier. Performance Management went to new lows. The time available to investigate an issue, set follow-up meetings, discuss and document an issue greatly reduced resulting in more problems being swept under the rug and not addressed. As a consequence, standards slipped and clear expectations were no longer clear. Work/life balance suffered as did the enjoyment managers once had for the industry and this in turn affected moral of their teams.

Chess board

If we focus on results, things won’t change but if we focus on change, we will get the results.


It is a new world that requires new leadership to prepare for the changes that are coming tomorrow. Charles McArthur Coaching & Consulting provides Leadership Coaching to assist managers to know where their focus needs to be by understanding and knowing what is the most important task they should be doing. Great Leaders make good decisions consistently about their use of time.


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