Hotel Standards & Business Processes


Are you a hotel or resort manager without enough time to get the hotel standards where they need to be? Perhaps you are stuck in the office, instead of being on the floor leading. Is your hotel taking full advantage of revenue management and up-sell opportunities, or are there potential revenue streams you have not yet thought of? Or is perhaps your otherwise competent team repeatedly making the same mistake time after time, affecting your guest experience, reputation and ultimately the bottom line. 

These are just some of the issues that can be addressed by engaging Charles McArthur Coaching & Consulting at a fraction of a cost than if left unchecked.

Senior Leadership Group Training

In golf, a small mistake at the moment the club strikes the ball will be more pronounced and noticeable the further the ball flies. Adjusting the stance or the grip on the club, making sure the head stays down. Any number of reasons the ball ended up in that bunker. You can persevere trying to fix the issue yourself, running the risk that the initial issue becomes a habit as time passes by. Time for a golf pro, who will look at the swing, break it down into individual phases or steps and through a small adjustment the ball flies straight – a hole in one! Well, maybe not a hole in one just yet, that may take a few more lessons and practice, none the less those few tips and minor tweaks from the golf pro has the ball on the fairway instead of the bunker. Giving you every opportunity to make the par.

Charles McArthur does not play golf. He does however understand hotels. Adopting a structured, desired outcome driven approach, braking down large or complex tasks into smaller manageable chunks and defining control points, results in a report of issues and suggestion presented to the management for review, approval and implementation. Having and understanding of the what, Charles McArthur is then able to offer additional services  from the Business Leadership pillar. These include motivation presentations, skill and aptitude identification and leader ship coaching.


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