The secret to creating a hotel that innovates

The secret to creating a hotel that innovates is to encourage and support small process improvements and ideas by your staff members. 

Get them involved in thinking how will they be remembered when they leave the hotel. What project, idea or improvement will they be proud to share with their friends or colleagues and say ‘yeah.. I had a lot to do with that’. It could be anything, big or small from improving the guest experience to an operational process overhaul.

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To get you thinking, it could be a newly created report that allows you to do something new or better. It could be reducing a process from 8 steps back to 7. It could be storage of things you need. It could be turning on a feature of your PMS that was available but just wasn’t being used. What happens when a number of improvements start happening is others want to create improvements also. Many may have just been too shy to share their suggestion. Maybe somebody has an idea of what they want to do but don’t know how it could be done. Then another person who knows how, can offer the solution. As different aspects of your operation start to improve, you will get to the point when 1 or the things that have improved crosses paths with another and then a giant step forward can be achieved. Often a project starts with a small step and then somebody else offers something even better. It’s an amazing process when the collective knowledge and creative thinking starts working together. I once started with a request to change the format of the account that is presented to the guest on departure. As I learnt about the various account formats that were possible, I was able to apply this knowledge to the Banquets Department who then produced accounts directly and in a timelier manner for their groups. My Night Audit team had been producing these for the Banquets Department prior to my arrival at the hotel and this process had been sucking up the time of my team for a number of years. By investigating about presentation of a folio, my Night Audit team freed themselves up from at least an hour of work every night. The result was a Night Audit team who knew their boss was working for them.

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