Clip Board or Dashboard

Clip Board or Dashboard
Laptop with dashboard, modern technology

Is your team using the modern day tools available to them or still operating in the ‘90’s. Look for how your Reception teams are keeping records of bookings from guests. Are they using a paper based system such as folders or clip boards to record things like up-sells, kids Club bookings, internal telephone numbers, Restaurant Reservations or limousine bookings.

If your Reception has some of these antiquated systems in place – the system needs to change. A well-run office should have a dashboard on their computers with hyperlinks set up to whatever they need to reference or record. The dashboard should have one-click hyperlinks to everything they could need that could include Limousine Bookings, Kids Club, Restaurant Reservations, Hotel Room Types, Rates, Internal Phones Numbers, Prices to charge for mono & colour printing, The BOM website, Trip Advisor, Google, the local Taxi Website, Ticketmates, Restaurant Menus, Function Rooms, Departmental Forms, Conference Run Downs, Lost Property Log, Loading Dock Deliveries, Shift Checklists, The Company Portal and even things like Emergency Procedures or a Bomb Threat Checklist. 

Anything that needs to be brought up on screen in front of your guests should be linked. If your office has not got something like this in place, I cover this as part of my consulting services. After setting it up, you champion 1 or 2 people to learn how to amend and change the content as it is very easy to do. Your staff will become more knowledgeable and at very worst any staff member will at least know where to go and find the answer.

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