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The driving force behind Charles McArthur Coaching & Consulting is my passion for enabling hotel and hospitality leaders to self-manage effectively and providing the necessary tools facilitate change. Investing in yourself and your best people is the most fertile seed you can plant, that will see you reap the rewards for years to come. My multi-faceted Train-the-Trainer program focuses on improving KPIs across the entire spectrum of the hospitality sector, whilst empowering your current management staff to effectively pass on knowledge to future generation, ensuring continued success and longevity of your investment.

Process Improvement 37%
Performance Management 69%
Leadership Coaching 44%
Leaders of Tomorrow 65%
Passions Renewed
Failures Forgiven
Legacies Planned
Relationships Reframed


Senior Leadership Group

Training - our aim is to accelerate the development of leaders in hospitality and challenge conventional approach to leadership.

Business Leadership

Coaching - With business moving at breakneck speed, frequent job shifts, and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Workshop - Leaders of tomorrow is a service aimed primarily at younger people looking to move into Management roles within their organisation.


Hear from our clients!

  • positive review  Charlie initiated a mentoring program at RACV. Out of the executive team, I had the pleasure of being mentored by Charlie in 2018. Charlie was approachable, professional, experienced and most of all, his door was always open. Any time a challenge or accomplishment presented itself, Charlie was there for guidance or celebration. We started off by understanding each others experience, asking key questions about my future and taught me how to effectively set goals. At each session, Charlie would hold me accountable for tasks that needed to be completed. This drove me to smash some personal goals and my proactive sales target by 40%. Charlie can be defined as ‘leader’. He exudes passion for his role, holds focus for the bigger picture and encourages his team to be empowered and succeed. If you are thinking about Leadership, Business or Life coaching – you won’t be disappointed having Charlie on your side!

    Samantha Collingridge Avatar Samantha Collingridge

    positive review  I was working in the coffee shop at RACV Royal Pines Resort in a FT position and dreamed of working on Reception. I went and saw Charlie who listened to me and took the time to explain the task ahead given I had no Front Office skills. He asked me if I was serious and he provided many opportunities to gain experience after my normal shifts to work in Front Office. Over the next few months he coached and helped me gain confidence and when the next opportunity came, he offered me a casual position on Reeption which I took. From there, he issued file notes and warning letters but always had total belief in my ability to get there. We would celebrate mistakes as he passed me tissues to wipe away my tears. Today, Charlie is gone but I have a new career, a new future and a better life.

    Yuka Yoshinaga Avatar Yuka Yoshinaga
  • positive review  Charlie is the most inspiring person I have had the pleasure to work with. He is a very honest and genuine person, who will treat you as an individual, not just another employee. He will have the same attitude towards you, no matter if you are in the work place or outside of the work place. This creates a relationship based on trust, and you even find yourself realising that your “boss” is actually your friend. He believed in me, and taught me the skills and knowledge to grow to the best of my potential. Very quickly he helped me climb the steps of the Hospitality ladder, when he first hired me as a receptionist, then trained me to become Manager on Duty. When the position of full time Night Manager became available, Charlie supported my application 100%, and trusted I would be able to handle the challenges that a young 25 year old female could encounter working nights shifts in the Hospitality Industry. And he was right. It was challenging at times, but Charlie was always present when I had moments of doubts and needed advice and moral support. When Charlie left the company, he left behind a big hole, and finding someone to fill his shoes, was not an easy task. Quickly, his absence created the domino effect, as one after the other, many of us left the company too, myself included. Simply because the hard work put in, no longer felt worth it, without a leader to acknowledge your efforts and motivate you. Now that Charlie is dedicated full-time into coaching and consulting businesses and individuals, I have no doubt that just like he helped me, he will now be able to help hundreds of individuals achieve their goals and aspirations.

    Alice Herisson Avatar Alice Herisson

    positive review  I was working in Food & Beverage as a Team Leader when Charlie approached me about taking part in a High Potential Mentoring Program that he was putting together at RACV Royal Pines. I sensed the opportunity and took up the offer. Over the next few months, we met regularly and worked through my Individual Development Plan that fast tracked my knowledge, maturity and understanding about the business. He empowered me to develop new skills and by the time Charlie moved on from Royal Pines he had shared years of experience and knowledge with me, which has ultimately fast-tracked my progression. The best part is we’re still close friends.

    Kane Galvin Avatar Kane Galvin
  • positive review  Charles is extremely approachable, and makes you feel entirely comfortable with him; he really know his stuff and his passion for helping others is obvious. I was skeptical at first, but after our first session I walked away feeling much lighter emotionally, I am still able utilise many of the tools he taught me in that very first session to continue my recovery from severe anxiety & other issues. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Charles; he explains things in a simplistic way for the layman, but will answer deeper set questions too. Honestly, NLP with Charlie has changed my life. Definitely recommend! 🦋🙌 Eden Stanley

    Eden Elisabeth Avatar Eden Elisabeth

    positive review  Charlie knows how to break the ice and make one feel so comfortable; through the session, my confidence grew which allowed me to apply towards my hospitality career. As I had the difficulty with associating with challenging guests, Charlie has shown me what and how situation should be dealt with and understanding the hierarchy of problem solving skills to achieve the best resolution for both parties. I have become more efficient and empathetic staff, no doubt and fear of any situations to occur. I highly recommend for those who are seeking inner strength, finding the best in you. Thank you Charlie, you have transformed me into the person I never thought it existed within me.

    Bonghee Kang Avatar Bonghee Kang
  • positive review  Charlie was an inspirational manager and coach for me. He led by example and was always hands on, which I consider a very important skill for an effective leader. I learnt so much from Charlie by observing the way he handled all situations at the hotel. Charlie went above and beyond by putting in long hours to ensure that all his tasks were completed. Charlie could see the potential in me and gave me the opportunity to prove myself by transitioning from front line to management when I was promoted to the role of Manager on Duty. Throughout the transition, Charlie supported and guided me to reach my full potential. Charlie gave me the trust and freedom to make my own decisions in my role. This was vital for me to be able learn and grow in my new role. He continually provided me with honest feedback to ensure I knew how I was progressing, and he was not afraid to tell me how it was. Charlie was also available; he always had his door open and I could approach him about anything. Charlie played and incredibly important mentoring role in my personal career. Most importantly, it was Charlie who ultimately saw in me, my true dreams and aspirations and encouraged and supported me in achieving them. I am truly grateful Charlie.

    Jacques Luff Avatar Jacques Luff

    positive review  I met Charles approximately twenty years ago…via a mutual friend….we were all working in various Hotels in various positions at the time. I had recently completed my degree and wanting to climb the ladder in the Hospitality Industry. Charles is very non-judgmental and extremely easy to talk to. Charles coached me to believe in myself and my abilities and assisted me in promoting myself in order to obtain Middle Management positions, which I was successful in doing so. Down the track I was involved in a fatal accident which changed my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD. At the time, I thought I would never recover. Of course I was prescribed sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists, which I attended. In my opinion, Charles and his personal approach had more of an impact on my recovery than I think anyone else. I no longer have PTSD, however as a result of this, I suffer from anxiety. Charles renewed my confidence and has taught me coping mechanisms which provided me with tools to assist me in my day to day life. Since then I have had a few changes in my career, but what hasn’t changed is the time that Charles makes for me to coach me through these changes and reiterate the tools that he has armed me with to continue working and succeeding into the future. Charles is genuine and an amazing coach who enjoys helping people to reach their potential goals and successes. Highly recommend!!

    Janet Hepi Avatar Janet Hepi
  • positive review  With a wealth of knowledge and so many years of experience there’s no one else I would want by my side for guidance and support. I was lucky enough to work within Charles’s team for many years in hospitality. I vividly remember the on the job training and mentoring he provided. He always offered positive, honest and personalised methods to help me navigate the complex world of customer service. He empowered me to strive for greatness! To this day I still often pull on the training I received under his wing. He taught me everything I know when it comes working with others. Over the years I’ve since gone outside of the hospitality industry and gone into business with my husband. We’re currently operating two childcare centres with a team of 75. We’re extremely lucky to have an incredible team around us but personal growth and progression are important to us so when we reached a point of needing further support we were so pumped to have Charles jump on board to help our work family achieve their goals. He has not disappointed. With his personal approach and genuine interest he instantly connected with our team and has set them on a path for greatness! While his specialty is within the hospitality industry his methods for a positive work environment translate across to any industry and he has certainly shown this to us. He has made a huge impact on me and my team, we’re just so grateful to have your ongoing support. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Amanda Morrison Avatar Amanda Morrison

    positive review  I was lucky to cross paths with Charlie after working in the same hotel as a casual for a number of years in different departments. I contacted Charlie and had a few coaching sessions and he was able to install some confidence in my abilities and assist with a job application that resulted in me getting a Fulltime position with Sheraton, that led straight to a management position a short time later. Now I have relocated I realise that Charlie has provided me with a skill set that is sought after, and I now have a bright future ahead of me.

    Stephanie Simone Avatar Stephanie Simone
  • positive review  I have followed Charles career closely for many years. Charles is a true professional and he shows exceptional and honest interest in every person he meets. His integrity cannot be faulted. Charles can find you the right pathway to achieve personal and professional goals. I love the passion he has for his work which is reflected by the successes of his clients. Charles is a personality unmatched in his field

    Liz Stanley Avatar Liz Stanley

    positive review  Summing Charlie up in a snapshot is near impossible…he is very good at what he does. He thinks outside the box, questions the status quo, and is able to deep dive to resolve even the trickiest of problems. Charlie endeavours to find out WHY something has happened, rather than looking for the quick fix. He thinks quite differently and you can often see him thinking over the various options and solutions in his mind. He has an inspiring level of energy that motivates and captivates those around him, either as one on one coaching or in a group. I’ve witnessed first hand his ability to motivate a team and inspire individuals. He actively listens to understand the complete scenario and then discusses the objectives, collectively finding the ideal solution. Charlie is persistent and will invest his time to ensure the base framework is established for someone (or a team), to help build and motivate all involved. Charlie brings his skills from many years of first hand experience and from multiple disciplines of hospitality businesses, enabling him to tailor coaching to a specific audience. I know Charlie will be able to help shape the culture of a business and motive employees to be the best they can be. ~Tom McIntyre, Concierge Services Manger, Pacific Fair

    Thomas McIntyre Avatar Thomas McIntyre


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